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Joyia: The firey pipe sculpture and the blue pipe with the fish CDs on the left are by the students at Paul Robeson School, New Brunswick. The pipe on the right is the nine ft high Citizen School Ball Pipe, ensconced with 112 half spheres of sliced tennis balls.
A PowerPoint Presentation

By the Citizens Schools Students


Mckinley School / Citizen School

      Joyia Williams           Corneisha Rodgers
Justin Price
   Lashaun Moore     Evanna Donaldson


We wrote  letters to the Allenvale School in Christchurch, New Zealand to thank them for sending their sculpture and ask if we could send our sculpture to their school for a visit to New Zealand.

All the tennis balls we painted were scanned onto the computer and became a flying art page where digital artists from around the world joined with our project, playing together. Now students from East Brunswick High School are painting tennis balls too and working on the Running Nose Pipe Sculpture.

..and now the grand finale! Saturday morning May 8th, 2004, The Citizen School Ball Pipe was installed in the Cork Gallery in the show the show titled "Default Mode", side by side with the 12 ft high Rubber Hand Pipe (which had to have a foot cut off to stand, as the ceiling is 11 ft. May 16th  the show comes down.

The DeFault Mode Show - Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY

The Rubber Hand Pipe (left )


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