click the ball

the first digital tennis ball bounced in from Shankar Barua, New Delhi, India,

ball 1 bounces in

Are you far away? Do you have Photoshop capabilities? Want to get things bouncing around? Right click the ball, work it over in your Photoshop program, and bounce it back to us, Zipped! keep the resolution as it is. Keep the size as it is.

Include your name, State & Country & even your web site URL so we can give you credit and link back to you. This project will stay up and be shown April 15th to  artists in New Brunswick, NJ in a web presentation and at a local school. So keep it clean or we won't be able to take you to  school!

Clic here to access the pure and unadulterated tennis ball, work your magic and bounce it back!

e-mail at:VAL

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