The "Ball Dude" comes from the creative floor debris at Shirley Boys' School, Christchurch, New Zealand

If your town, or the town you are passing through also has large stone, or metal balls in front of the municipal building..send us a picture with the name of the building, town, State, Country where they are.

e mail to VAL

Why balls? (I was asked) in reference to the recently completed Ball Pipe at Citizen Schools, New Brunswick, NJ

I am taking photos of buildings with balls.

The psychology building in Piscataway, NJ has two great big shining metal ones out front. Then there is the granite or marble balls in front of the Milltown Municipal building on Washington Rd. Milltown, NJ.

Every kid has a ball at home was my rationale.

I was thinking what could almost every kid bring in from cooking up a magical soup!! I am asked to create with a group of teens on a small budget, my response was to ask the 4 young teens in my mini class..and they said.."We have no balls at home!!! " that almost dashed my plans!

At first, I worried I would have too big a response..balls of all kinds flying all over the school, and then I feared no
response at all

Then my friend gave me 60 found balls collected by her tennis pro husband (who collects them after the tennis players depart. )

I was a little disappointed when our project did not spill past our 4 students, but hardly surprised. Working and playing together takes strange unaccountable leaps.

A few days ago I was driving down Rt. 18 going North through East Brunswick and I passed a VERY strange object..a perfect tennis ball the size of a basketball....never saw anything like that before. So yesterday I was driving the same route and traffic was backed up and there I was again in the same spot on the highway and able to slide to a halt and reach out the door and nab it!!!!

112 half spheres of sliced tennis balls got painted. 4 teens from Citizen Schools, New East Brunswick teen, Girl Scout Troop # 1452 and digital artists from around the country and the world..

Unaccountable bounces! Playing together, leaping boundaries, we can get things bouncing all over the place for the sheer investigative fun of it.


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