The Daisy Pipe


(above) The Elephant God, by Little Bobby Duncan ( center of the table ) is one of the pipe sculptures from the Pipe Dreams Project begun 3 years ago at the Paul Robeson School in New Brunswick, NJ.

The Elephant God is surrounded by the small spheres painted by GS Troop 1452 for the 8 ft high royal blue PVC pipe just begun at Citizen Schools, New Brunswick, NJ.

Lynn Lerner, retired Metuchen teacher, made a gift of 60 bouncing tennis balls to VAL to be incorporated in the next PVC pipe. There are two four ft high PVC pipes, meant to go on top of each other. The rubber balls were sliced in half by Laszlo Krisch. Next they were primed and painted. Now there are 112 spheres ready to paint. The top section will be covered with the balls as convex shapes projecting out.

The bottom 4 ft section will have holes drilled in it like swiss cheese. The balls will be embedded convexly, their rim flush with the surface of the pipe. Each ball will be painted. We will have a pipe similar in concept to the Rubber Hand Pipe.

The round piece near the floor is a painted hubcap by Alex Buchholz, East Brunswick, NJ. It is part of a previous VAL project involving almost 300 painted and mixed media hubcaps from all over including Canada and Paris, France. The HUBCAP Show The hubcap show is an installation at the Stone Museum, on Spotswood-Englishtown Rd, Spotswood, NJ.

The Camp Daisy Pipe is "planted" at the Stone Museum.


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