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Shaya Clark: statement -- I chose in my work to focus on the eyes. I have always thought it fascinating that people believed the eyes to be the windows to the soul. In some ways I believe this to be true. There is something completely different about talking to someone when you are meeting each others eyes.
There is a certain level of honesty that prevails. And really do think that you can tell what someone is feeling and therefore almost what they are
thinking through their eyes.

Bio -- I am an artist because I choose to be. It wouldn't matter what I was doing: painting, photography, sculpture, writing, drawing, or dancing. I
love photography and I love what I can do with it. I am just starting to find myself and my art which is why I choose to do self-portraits. I am also
showing the world that this is just one of the many layers of me that make me who I am. I am trying to open eyes with my work, to show that everyone has
many layers and that most of us just want to be seen. The eyes are the window to your soul. People want to be seen, noticed. They want to share their
souls with the world. But we are scared to. We hide behind make-up and clothes that protect us. Through my heart my soul is opened up for the world
to see. I bare all and I hope that maybe someone is moved by that. Ultimately, I want people to know that no one can be categorized because
there is always another layer to be uncovered.


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