Tina Rodriguez:
"I Am"

This is who I am
and I am proud.

I am half Puerto Rican
and half Mexican.

Most people say I look Puerto Rican
and that makes me feel proud
that they think that

but deep down inside
I know that I am both.

I am Latina
I am Mexicana
I am Puerto Rican
I am Tina Rodriguez

Bio -- I love art. I don't mean drawing and stuff like that. I like art
where you can take pictures and then with the help of the computer, add
things that only your imagination could think of. If it wasn't for my friend
Alicia Figueroa I would have never have accomplished what I have. So allot
of thanks go out to her. I come from a family of four (that includes me).
My sister Becky, my brother Joshua, and my other brother Lauro Gutierrez.
Then there are my wonderful parents Rosie and Robert Gutierrez. My real dad
is Wilfredo Rodriguez. I am thankful for them all and I glad that they
worked so hard to get me here. I am glad that I have chosen to work with art
because it has led me to use my imagination. This is something I will
continue do from now on!



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