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Harmony and working together and SEX Week at UMDNJ ( Traditionally the first week of every January at the medical school in Piscataway, NJ.)

Right now until Jan. 5th...

in the small student lounge across from Woody's cafeteria.

Last time we did anything for this yearly event was 2 years ago.

The Ass-i-nine show ...We caste our asses ...really.

We had 4..

one was a black ass done by a dark horse...

the mortician downstairs at UMDNJ ;

One was Bob Rakita's, he did phases of the moon on his blue ass.

The other was a butterfly butt, alternately named "Starry Ass" as not only did it have wings but also stars! 

UMDNJ conducts seminars during the first week of January covering sexual matters.

They invited us pre-9/11 to brainstorm and take part.

It was around about then we began this project coupled with the newspaper article

"New Jersey artists..What Inspires Your Art?"

The 4th ass was mine, plastered with the newspaper article.

The Ass-i-nine show, such as it was, is now down to 2.

We had our asses kicked out! Me and the dark horse..and he is laughing!

Such is working together in harmony and the arts..

two steps foreward and four back and then a banana step.

Everything you need to know about life you learn in kindergarten!

J. Wray
(below--history..original text from when the show began )

.. about the Ass-i-nine Show..I was wondering how that one would develop, if it would
be a bust for another year, sitting on shelves.

Wondered if I was missing on doing something, like e mailing the world or
snail mailing our huge list..

Then the other day, maybe 2 weeks ago, I was walking into UMDNJ and
remembered all those dead asses downstairs in the morgue..and our friend
Douglass  who repeatedly saves the day..
( he is responsible for the
12 ft high rubber hand pipe.)

Anyhow, I took the asses downstairs and gave him a quick spiel and he said

 I brought him 4 packs of plaster bandages and my grand daughters
little rubber doll and right there we cast the little rubber butt!!

Now we will have a tiny ass for Sex week, 1st week of January.  So a show is
materializing..and Douglass says he is not using the dead asses..but live
ones..and there has been a spill over with students hearing about it and
enthusiastically wanting to give their asses for art!

(In truth, as it developed over the hollidays..we got two! (plus the tiny doll's!)

  The Ass-i-nine show is not limited to nine asses.

Pearl Art sells plaster bandages which are easy stuff to work with and fun.

Give your ass to art!! Prepare now!

Participate in the next yearly VAL show for UMDNJ's Sex
week, first week of January!!

Ninety Nine Asses On the wall....maybe!

If we work at it.

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