Science and art - We told digital artists around the world: "click on any of the experimental bottles displayed on line - a larger file will open up. Right click your mouse on the larger file, take it back to your Photoshop program and work your magic. Send it back to us with something about yourself, your web site, if you have one, and we just might post what you send and link to you!  What you send may be included in the next 80 feet of mural surrounding the student lounge at UMDNJ."

Dale Copeland responded the very next morning. Her husband Paul painted a portrait of a reclining nude. He is a traditional painter living in New Zealand. Dale is into computers and assemblages. She grabbed Paul’s nude off the canvas via Photoshop and grafted it into the urinal. Connotation, Don't piss on me! Here is her risqué piece in the UMDNJ sex show..

"Politics of the Body"

Dale has a black belt in Taekwon-Do, a Second
Dan black belt.  She is a dangerous little old lady

 along with bringing artists together from around the world via her web site,

the Virtual Tart. Do a Search!

See what you come up with! Say hi to Dale.



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