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 The FISH BRICK Project takes a flying leap via e mail to Ginza City Japan
to be shown on the side of
"Le Cafe Doutor" (June 28 through July 4th)
 located at one of the most famous intersection in Japan.  Le Cafe Doutor is
by Doutor Company which is very well known in Japan. (like Starbucks in the
All 100 bricks, both concrete and virtual made the trip, zipped to Ginza.
This is similar to the changing
screens and animations shown high on the buildings of Times Square in New
Have a look at the famous Ginza intersection!

Seiji Ueoka (r2001) working from Japan, has brought people together for this
event from all over the world using the Internet!

Judith Wray is a member of r2001 working in collaboration with Seiji Ueoka and the r2001 group.
via VAL (Visual Arts
League) East Brunswick

4 East Brunswick Girl Scout Troops,
Laurel Van Leer's Troop (no. 842)
Coleen Summer Hayes (no 842)
Nancy Damato (no. 375 & 1170),
 Janice Tedesco (no. 76)

The Girls are working on badges associated with community projects. The
painted concrete bricks, each in the relief of a fish for the 300 foot wide
wall fronting the property of the YMHA Swim Club on Dutch Road, East
Brunswick. This will be the third summer this project has been in progress.
There is room for 500 bricks and 37 ocean related murals each 8ft high by 4
ft wide. There is additional room for two 25 ft wide ocean theme murals.
Visual Arts League (VAL) is a non-profit charitable arts organization
building innovative bridges between artists internationally and
community..thinking globally and working locally.

This project has taken an unexpected turn thanks to Seiji Ueoka in Japan and
the work of Judith Wray, who not only created the fish brick but went a step
further and put them all on the Internet ready and able to take a leap in a
new direction. For questions contact Judy at (732)254-7611.

Judy Wray