Hoop here  - I was just getting my pipe piece together. I had already made one, but it was to big and heavy based on a wheeled platform. Sometimes I forget when to stop when I'm working on a project. The new one will be much easier to transport and carry. I should be done this week if all goes well. I'll let you know when I'm finished. Some other good things are happening too. I was just accepted for the NJ fine arts annual at the Morris Museum and my piece in the show at the Islip Art Museum in Long Island was written up in a review in the New York Times. Also, look for Hoop as the King O' Art in the December issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine. It's actually a Weird NJ article, but they tell me they're using an image of Mark and Mark and yours truly. Tell the kids, I know they like the weirdness. Okay, now back to building Hoop's Handy Household Helper. It vacuums, it waters the plants, it does my computing for me and it never questions a command.