This is an excerpt from a letter contemplating placing a pipe at the Guild for group work, to be included in the Pipe Dreams show this January at Lincoln Center, NY.

"When I worked at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, everybody's art in progress was fair game for everybody's else's art in progress.  People took turns being pissed when their odd part disappeared to latter reappear assimilated in somebody else's piece!!

Our visiting pipe would prop open a door, become a coat and hat rack or coffee table no respect!!                                                                     

Which is one reason I liked the gum pole at Great Adventure..

It was a huge telephone pole everyone had to pass waiting in line for the Log flume ride.

As they waited, they passed the pole and deposited their multicolored gum.

The layers and colors built up..

all those pastel hues, people got into it, not an accident thing anymore. The gum began to climb the pole and fill in all the spaces..started getting people excited..and then the Aids scare came along and they cleaned it all off...

spontaneous art!!

 graffiti on the bridges..

you wonder how the kids do it..

when they do it..

and hope they have a chance to finish..

and that maybe it will start to look like something!!

J. Wray from a letter to Lyka Cox, August 27, 2002