Where is the Pipe show this minute? 4 different places..

The ArtYard, at 1007 Old Bridge Tpk, in East Brunswick (staying dry!),
The Stone Museum, the
VALVAN!, and the Dwight D. Eisenhower School in Wyckoff, NJ.

Little Bobby Duncan nudged a new
pipe into existence at a
Teen Arts Day in Edison, at Middlesex County
College on May 14 & 15th.

It is a funny pipe which has spawned a second idea out of necessity.

The big one we just did with Teen Arts, is about 11 ft high. (We have to make it stand, which is
why it is still in the van for a week)

Duncan drilled it full of 100 holes.

The teens sat around a table and slipped different colored rubber gloves onto their
hand (one hand) and colored their hand any way they wanted..slipped it back
off again and tied the wrist part with a knot

Then the knotted end was inserted into one of holes in the pipe. We covered
the top half of the pipe in clusters of gloves, fingers protruding like
nodules, muscles, plant like, fungus like. (photos not developed yet.)

 This was a
valuable day..to carve it into history more solidly we have to do what we
are doing right now.. put it on line in the newsletter and upload
the photo of the piece and then e mail the teens that it is up and waiting

June 3rd, going to do a variation of the theme at the Robert N. Wilentz School in Perth Amboy, NJ

career day....(how to carve a carreer using what is all around you..)

kids and rubber gloves

a bouquet of hands..200 of
them..long stem rubber florets!!

to crown the top of the pipe and leave as a bouquet at the school. 200
should be enough..easy project..got just about everything..kid power I get
on the 3rd of June..just need 200 skinny stiff wires to anchor the rubber
gloves to and we're there!

J. Wray