The New Brunswick Cooks 3 Day event welcomes Art in All Forms

Scenes from the street fair-Building together towards a Creative New Brunswick..More to come!

Plus reviews and suggestions by the participants and people passing through.

CLICK THE VAN to see the show on the magnetic fence!

The Traveling Magnetic Show is about work that literally and figuratively sticks together. It is a compilation of color copies, laminated and adhered to magnetic backings and at times cut to shape, of as many projects as we have documented clearly. "Plastique-The Ocean Show"; "The Digital Show"; The Hub Cap show, all the mural projects in and around town and growing. This is art that hits the road where everybody is, connecting at stop signs and traffic lights and in motion. If we lose one in the wind, we whip out another. They are surprisingly durable. Don't fade and don't often disappear.

Visual Arts Projects-Bringing Artists together with the community in unusual ways (A variation of Visual Arts League & ValWeb on the web!)

Building Bridges between Artists and Community!

Little Bobby Duncan Francesca Rizzo Oliver Tang, Marlboro, NJ

Street sketches

Philip T. Baker "The Rock & Roll Artist
Roving  Singers & Musicians-New Brunswick City Markets- Networking Together LETTERS -Feedback