Update on the progress of the show.

Pipe Dreams, NJ merges with The Great Pipe Dream, NZ

 Things are flying in to JFK Airport, NY.

Seven very large and beaten up boxes,..pipes sticking out of gaping holes, like bones!!

Everyone was so nice!! all along the way at every stop.

Patient, helpful and good humored!


 I misjudged the size of the load!


It was almost too big for one trip..

and then we discarded two of the boxes already badly damaged anyway..

(who needs the boxes..)


now we shall have the challenge and fun to put them together and separate their parts!!


Nine ft tall pieces!!  (the eight pipe sculptures from New Zealand schools)


Tthis is a show all by itself....

and only a small part of the original show at that!



We were on our way back from JFK and  we got an excited call on the cell phone from our niece, Laurel Duncan in Tulsa, Oklahoma..


She was getting ready to ship her pipe sculptures from her classes and Girl Scout troop!!


She told us one of the children dreamed her piece, and her father helped her materialize it..


and the Girl Scouts wrote about the show!!


She was so proud and excited! 


We  gave Laurel an an opportunity to leap...In Oklahoma her car broke down in the school parking lot. It was not removed  quickly enough and the windows were broken and the radio stolen..


but the pipe project proceeded..

she made it! and because she made it..so did all the children who she touched.


We sent out 3000 cards. We printed 4 times..each time with new names..2000, 500, 500, 100!  press releases in three languages so far. This is a show which reached all over the world, melding imagery..it is a show which reaches out to a larger family in celebration.


This Friday we will open 6 boxes of children's art works from a Russian Orphanage.."Maria's Children" and it will be in our minds what the possibilities are to absorbing them into the show and carrying them along..


One of the most remarkable pieces comes from a special needs school in New Zealand, Allenvale School.


Camp Daisy (here in East Brunswick, NJ)  is a kind of the sister school, so to speak. They just finished their piece and packed it up today. The teacher had mixed feelings  along the way which I shared with her..thought we were kidding ourselves..exploiting the kids for our own sense of fun..


It turns out we weren't..it was a magic day,,


The whole place devoted themselves to the project and nothing else the morning it was done ..a magic day