July 25, 2002   

About the Digital Show:

"Our aim is to get people working together in unusual ways, reaching out to a broader area. The Internet has afforded an opportunity to levitate ideas quickly and economically...the arts are a great way to experiment together on a broader scale than ever before".

J. Wray

E-mail: valweb@valweb.org

 The Digital Show is to draw attention to digital artists and the artists spearheading a movement.  Forty digital artists from all over the country and beyond.  By logging on to the web site URL you can visit the web pages of all the digital artists in the show. E mail them from their pages and tell them you saw their work! There are artists from Wisconsin; Utah; Texas; Washington State; Canada, Pennsylvania; California, Iowa; New Mexico; Minnesota, New York and East Brunswick and Old Bridge, NJ.



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