March 27th, 2006

Hereís Woody, snatched from Chris Cornellís garden on the way to the airport. I grabbed him up and took him along for the ride! On our way to the Far East, 3 weeks in both Tahiti and New Zealand!

Day 1 Flying to Tahiti

I am on Flight Air Nuit to Tahiti and I have just opened up my lap top computer and everything is functional!!!

Got a window seat and no one beside me this flight, so have a little elbow room. Out the window to the right, I look down and the clouds are the texture of fur and fish scales, in dazzling, sun lit white.

I am in seat 35. There is a first class section up front and then the economy section, where I am. It is eight seats across, with four down the middle and two on either side. The people are all spread out this flight. Right now, of the eight seats, I am the only one seated and two others walking around somewhere! Lots of room! The forms they passed out were written in French.







There is a captivating little red haired girl on this flight. She has changed clothes three times up till the airport she wore a long, white ruffled dress. Then when we got up to board I noticed she was wearing a lightweight flannel or cotton chemise..maybe for sleeping, Then the next I knew she was wearing something else. She evidently does not like to have her hair brushed. It is straggly and unkempt. She has very thick glasses. A pretty and captivating little girl and her mother has a rainbow colored sweater.



We disembarked from the plane and hiked over to the terminal. At the entrance we were greeted by singers playing guitars and beautiful raven haired women in sarongs, and flowered leighs, cradling large baskets of small white flowers. They gave a small flower to each person entering. When you leave Tahiti you have to make sure not to take the flower with you! New Zealand Customs allows no plants, meats or fruits! There are specially trained dogs who will sniff out any pressed or forgotten flower!!


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