Previously, the two pipes on the right side, were printed on heavy paper. (The red sun..Dima Yakovina, St. Petersburg, Russia and far right, Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico.)

Far left, Catherine Yakovina, St. Petersburg, Russia, Ansgard Thomson, and Warren Furman (the red pipe at the top.) (Clic here to see the designs flat!! PIPELINE)

We decided to re-print on canvas to make the show more durable and so that we could increase the shows potential to be seen by taking it outdoors. Using velcro along an edge we created a sleeve and slipped the sleeve over the pipe.

Now we can quickly and easily move things around and keep everything clean and unscratched. We are creating stands for each with concrete bricks at the base and an inner PVC tube going up the center for stability wherever the show is presented.


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