The Pipe Dreams to New York venture.

Teachers from local schools met on a cold, wet morning (Sat.2 Nov 2002)  to
pack the 7 Kidsfest Sculptures into cardboard boxes to ship to New York in
time for the exhibition opening on Jan. 9 2003 (benefactors willing)!!

Henry Sunderland, Artist and Concept Visualiser for the project featured in
hat!! Tom Baker, his assistant in this Kidsfest project, is the youngest
present along with  Tony King (Art Teacher), Vance Stone (photographer) and
Natalie and Raewyn, other Art Teachers behind the project.


Di Alpers
 Henry Sunderland
NEWS-The Great Pipe Dream in New Zealand (150 resolution

NEWS-The Great Pipe Dream in New Zealand (100 resolution)

Photogenic!.jpg (43365 bytes) 1.
Vance Stone, Photographer

Pipe Dream Packers 4.jpg (40902 bytes) 2.

Pipes to Pack.jpg (40239 bytes) 3.
Henry Sunderland

Pipe Dreamer King.jpg (57246 bytes) 4.
Tony King

Pipes pre-box 1.jpg (48964 bytes)  5.


Pipe Dream Packers 1.jpg (43077 bytes) 6.
Pipe Dream Piece.jpg (48631 bytes) 7. Pipe Dream Boxed.jpg (36067 bytes) 8. Pipes to Pack 1.jpg (34310 bytes) 9.
Pipes to Pack.jpg (40239 bytes) 10. Pipes to Pack 2 NOV 2002.jpg (32377 bytes) 11.

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