New Images!

(A few years ago Sam stumbled into our web site and liked what he saw. Since then the Visual Arts League has been featured in an arts magazine in Indonesia, thanks to Sam and Ada, his wife! Sam has increasingly worked his way into our hearts and now we place his home based gallery side by side with the ArtYard. In his own words, here is his explanation accompanying the photo he sent us.)

"Judy, that is my rent house. I living with my wife. That is an outside wall of my house. My house near street and old woman sell ice mix with fruit on the corner with blue plastic tent.

I have visual art group. Name of group is APOTIK KOMIK. We bring art to public spaces together. Now we use the wall of house for public gallery. We call young artists to make something new idea on this wall, and then we call little groups from another community to following workshop with artist directly.

The name of first artist is EKO NUGROHO. He make mural day by day from August 17th, 2000 until September 17, 2000. Then we call another artist to change with new artworks (on same wall), on September- October.

Before starting this project we sell poster and postcard and then we give for artists to buy some material and film documentations. That is non-profit gallery. I hope this idea can open eyes and mind another artist and people to make artwork on public places."


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