Plastique The Ocean Show At YMHA Swim Club, Dutch Road, East Brunswick, NJ

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        (middle) Nancy Speelman, Hillsborough, NJ

Ansgard Thomson (left) Canada  (right) Ursula Freer, California


Photoshop      (REAL)            Photoshop

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Joe Durniak, 18, Annandale,NJ (Reproduced by Cathy and Judy)

Joe's piece was actually done on transparent, heavy vinyl. It visited the swim club wall at the very first stages of the mural to help visualize the possibilities!

Chris Cornell, East Brunswick

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(left) Sue Schott & the Burgettstown KIDS, Pa. (right) Mericelle                 & Cathy, (two East Brunswick teens!)                                                      


Girl Scouts Troop Number 537, January 11, 2002

Girl Scout Troop Number 832, March 18, 2002

Gold fish
Reproduced by teens

Cathy and Mericelle (middle)

Below are the web sites of two artists who responded to a call for "fish for the wall". They sent their images by e mail attached as a JPG file, with Best Wishes!

On the left  Ansgard Thomson, Fort Assininboine, Canada

On the right "Octopus Garden" by Ursula Freer

Judy Wray, East Brunswick, NJ (this piece is still being worked on) (that is an oil spill on those are curtain pulls hanging down)( will become clear when I finish!)

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Philip T. Baker, The Rock & Roll artist

Creating 450 Fish Bricks!

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        Ed Fillmore, Rahway, NJ Ed's web pages.

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Judy Wray: Cathy Gao; Mericelle; Chris Cornell; Philip T. Baker; "Little Bobby" Duncan; Nancy Speelman; J. B. Brown; Kim Wade;

Ursula Freer; Ansgard Thomson; Harriot Leonard; Rebecca Buchholz; Heidi Buchholz; Glenn Buchholz; Istvan; JB Brown; Jean Pierre Gantois; Edith & Bob Chevalier


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Istvan from Vienna


Istvan was here in New Jersey visiting.

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Theo Quentin,

Savignac Ledrier, France

Created in Photoshop


(reproduced by Judy Wray)

Rebecca Buchholz (10 yr.)(with a little help from her Mom, Heidi (click on photo to see larger image and see Mathew who did the first fish brick!)


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