It was cold and snowy on the way up and when we reached the town, I was disoriented. Driving badly, not knowing where to turn. My driving irritated a passing truck driver, who yelled obscenities at us. Alan (16) and Jackie (16), collapsed in gasping paroxysm of glee. I still remember the truck drivers face. That was twenty years ago!

In the picture above is Alan, waving in front of the motel where we stayed while visiting Jackie's Gramma who was in the hospital during our visit. I pulled into the motel parking lot, checked us in and then turned around and ran out again to grab something to eat and bring it back.      I'm not sure exactly where I was when I realized I didn't know what the name of the motel was or where it was. I remember that as vividly as the truck drivers face.

I had just driven miles and miles in new territory and deposited people I loved in an unknown place and spun off again. This reminds me of Glen. The time we were in New York, the Waldorf Astoria and Glen had just entered one of maybe 20 elevators in a row. He smiled and put a Beanie Baby on his head. I said "freeze", or something like that, and took a photo as the elevator doors closed and we lost him for the next hour.

Family "test question" Why were we in the Waldorf Astoria ?


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