vicky1.jpg (8960 bytes)

Vicki Culver, Howell Twp

ansgardwoodys.jpg (16189 bytes)

Ansgard Thomson, Canada

ansgardsplaques2.jpg (5072 bytes)

woodys.jpg (52193 bytes)

Dave Camp, Wisconsin (right)

Barbara Patera, WA (left)

susan.jpg (13112 bytes)

Susan Holland

Washington State

fountainarea2.jpg (10741 bytes)

Olufemi Sunmonu (middle)

dave.jpg (56517 bytes)

Dave McGrath

Long Branch, NJ

tibet.jpg (49832 bytes)

Dave McGrath

howard2.jpg (4797 bytes)

Howard Cowdrick


medstud3.jpg (12032 bytes)

Olufemi Sunmonu

Medical Student

medstudentdrawing2.jpg (7886 bytes)

Rosanne Botha

Medical Student

pieta.jpg (47713 bytes)

Olufemi Sunmonu

susanpillar2.jpg (10888 bytes)

Susan Holland

Washington State

sheilapillar2.jpg (7968 bytes)

Sheila Barrera,


philip1.jpg (32910 bytes)

Philip T. Baker

mattmac.jpg (23158 bytes)

Matt MacDonald

jasmine.jpg (38557 bytes)

Jasmine Sia, President of HARTS

(The Healing Arts) UMDNJ-RWJMS

skeleton.jpg (21435 bytes)

Medical Student

Philip's little girl!

group3.jpg (39799 bytes)

Vicky Culver (middle)

Dave McGrath (right)

mattpainting.jpg (17881 bytes)

Matt Macdonald,

Long Branch

Edposter2000.jpg (48283 bytes)

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