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 3 Americas!"...we're all in this together!"

Ansgard Thomson, Canada

 (Poster & Invitation Design)


Joesér Alvarez ~ Brasil

Isabel Margarita Aranda Mansilla, "Yto",~  Chile

Sharon Young Bishop -- USA

Adriana Benzano ~ Uruguay

Carol Block ~ USA

Brenda Brannon ~ USA

Vicky Culver ~ USA

Judith Colemann ~ USA

Carl Dobsky ~ USA

Oswaldo Ferraro ~ Uruguay

Muniz Filho ~ Brazil

Claudia Fayma Fang Forero ~ Colombia

Rosemarie Gelber ~ USA

Mario Gluschankoff ~ Colombia

Mary Lozano ~ Colombia

Dave McGrath ~ USA

Tête Marella ~ Dominican Republic

Ana Mazzoni ~ Argentina

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 3 Americas traveled to Old Bridge Public Library, Old Bridge, NJ

East Brunswick Municipal Building            


 Susan Holland, curator of the project, is owner of hollandART Studio in Washington State and founder of ARTFaces | ARTPlaces.

 Co-organizers and jurors are artist Judith Wray founder/director of Visual Arts League in E. Brunswick, NJ

AJ Isbister distinguished Canadian artist and supporter of Sascatchewan Indian Cultural Center

Special Judge for Recognition of Excellence in Paintings: J.Michael Pierce, of Chicago Art Institute, founder of Pierce Gallery in Seattle, acclaimed artist.

Invitation72.jpg (86614 bytes)

Anne Provost ~ USA

Robert Rakita ~ USA

Diego Rodriguez ~ Argentina

Marcela Garcia Rodriguez-Mexico

Scott Sladoff ~ USA

Paul Hartal ~ Canada

Karen Stout Heller ~ USA

Karen Lynn Ingalls ~ USA

Richard Libby ~ USA

Catherine Linfield ~ Canada

  What's it about?

 "We, the organizers for 3 Americas! challenged artists from the northern reaches of Canada and the US down through Mexico and the Caribbean and on into the corners of South America to show us through original images of faces and figures the uniqueness of our various cultures and ethnicities, and at the same time the remarkable ways in which we are more the same than different from our counterparts in all and any other parts of the Americas.  The response was enthusiastic, with works of two and three dimensions flowing in from artists of all stripes.

 "We will get a fresh concept of "America" by looking at these faces and figures from all over the great strip of our continent; that by looking beyond the surface of the canvas to the maker of the art, we will see, manifest within the trappings of their culture, humans like ourselves with the gamut of joys and pains, fears and triumphs,   and we will,  see that they are us,  and we are they."
Susan Holland Curator

Graciously hosted by The University of Medicine and Dentistry - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the Healing Arts Club (HARTS), and Visual Arts League (VAL), this exhibit was designed to travel, and hopes to bring a fresh definition of America to all three Americas.

November 15-27 it was on display at the Cork Gallery, 65th St. and Broadway, downstairs from Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY

 Alex von Svoboda ~ Canada

Greta Swaim ~ USA

Ansgard Thomson ~ Canada

Kim Wyatt ~ USA

Carlos Asuncion Yap ~ USA

Zulma Zucatti ~ Argentina

Ana Fernandez Mendez ~ Argentina

Hérnan Miranda ~ Paraguay

Lee Muslin ~ USA

Donna Nugent ~ USA

Viviana Ponieman ~ Argentina

Christina Press ~ USA

Ana Fernandez Mendez ~ Argentina

Hérnan Miranda ~ Paraguay




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