"We, the organizers for 3 Americas! challenged artists from the northern reaches of Canada and the US down through Mexico and the Caribbean and on into the corners of South America to show us through original images of faces and figures the uniqueness of our various cultures and ethnicities, and at the same time the remarkable ways in which we are more the same than different from our counterparts in all and any other parts of the Americas.  The response was enthusiastic, with works of two and three dimensions flowing in from artists of all stripes. (Scroll down)

 "We will get a fresh concept of "America" by looking at these faces and figures from all over the great strip of our continent; that by looking beyond the surface of the canvas to the maker of the art, we will see, manifest within the trappings of their culture, humans like ourselves with the gamut of joys and pains, fears and triumphs,   and we will,  see that they are us,  and we are they."
Susan Holland Curator

Graciously hosted by The University of Medicine and Dentistry - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the Healing Arts Club (HARTS), and Visual Arts League (VAL), this exhibit is designed to travel, and hopes to bring a fresh definition of America to all three Americas.

November 15-27, 2001 it will be on display at the Cork Gallery, 65th St. and Broadway, downstairs from Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY (Scroll down for dates and places the show moved to.)

 First Showing!  October, 2001

 University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


CORK Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York

November 15-27, 2001


Old Bridge Public Library

Feb. 2002


Kennedy Library

March - May 31, 2002


We did this one in two stages.

It got on EBTV

East Brunswick Municipal Building

Nov. 30 - Jan. 31, 2003

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