Another Project Begins-This is one small portions of the front of a local supermarket in any town, our world. (Happens to be in my town!) The pillars are approx. 11' high and 58" around. We are beginning a virtual food related show on these pillars, as it is a super-market! This is a take off on the Pipe Dreams show. We will post all designs coming in to a link back to the artist sending. Designs accepted, we will attempt to make the virtual materialize via the same idea we used with the digital designs sent for the Pipe Dreams show. This project is just beginning and better more complete photos will be posted to this page. Bookmark! keep half an eye on things. We are going to have fun with this! Scroll down for a quote from the Bread and Puppet Theatre group which has given inspiration to creative people everywhere and now continues to do so!

Click here to see another Supermarket in the same town, USA. At this point, we have lost count of the pillars! Rome rises here?  Digital artist? The words of John Lennon, "You might say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one".

Pipe Dreams? let's dream together, visualize together! Dream a more creative tomorrow using what's all around us..


Letter to Leon rainbow, Trenton Graffiti Artist

April 18th, 2004

Hi Leon, tonight going home, I went around a circle at a juncture of Route 18 and Edgeboro Rd. It is a particularly WIDE circle, with a dip in the middle and nothing but grass. Actually a lovely spot for something.

After doing the hubcap show with almost 300 hubcaps and the Pipe Dream show with a whole lot of pipes....

I keep seeing  pipes and hubcaps everywhere !  This grassy area is surrounded by 11 pillars,  each 25 and a half inches wide. They are arch high is really high.
Tonight, I was thinking of the Pipe Dream show right there, only because of wind,  I would either have to anchor the pipes to the poles or carry in the real pipes. Which is a big pain, or wrap the pipes  ((remember Christo wraps things..parks, buildings..pipes of all dimensions are all throughout our communities.
In the pipe dream show we have been wrapping pipes with digital designs from around the world.

We could use these designs to kick it off and  we could keep right on going..

Which is when the next thought was of you, Leon and your fast way of working..
The Leon Rainbow pipe show..
Kill two birds with one stone, it is a great spot for one of those drive-by fund raisers  with all the teenagers holding cans and running out,  the cars always go slow because of the traffic light always changing, things get backed up    
You have a great name and a personality to back it up
There are another 33 Pillars at our local A&P, 10 ft high and 58 inches wide
And then there is the Shoprite where there is maybe another 40, same dimension
This is the groundwork in place for something to happen
I can almost feel the place humming!
If we could involve the local high school!!! can you see A&P or Shoprite or the Mayor saying "no" to that!!
I don't think so. I think we have a winner.
So everybody runs out and gets their own pieces of canvas?  We put grommets up the long side, or velcro, but grommets would give us more flexibility.
After we blitz through East Brunswick..we can keep on going, pillars can be pretty standard..

Judy Wray

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