May 8th-16th, 2004

Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY

 The Citizen School Ball Pipe & the Rubber Hand Pipe

go to Lincoln Center in an overnight decision

and how it happened

A series of lemons resulting in some great lemonade.

A Latin Group scheduled for the Cork Space (sponsored by VAL) was a no-show,

and our Lincoln Center connection automatically assumed that was it!

no show....

although VAL had a contract for use of the space and had given it to the Latin Group

like a prized Plum..

Lincoln Center saw these contracts as something protecting their own interests..

honored in only one direction....theirs.

So the assistant director called the Union painters to paint the space.

Without a thought to VAL, with which they had a contract.

We (the founders, movers and shakers of VAL) just happened to glide through Lincoln
Center on a Friday evening and thought we would take a look to see how
things went up,  (as communication had not gone well with the Latin Group.)

The  space was empty (and it was 2 days into the show).

 The next morning and Sunday we filled the space, bringing along two of the pipe sculptures which
hadn't been seen there before. The Rubber Hand Pipe (1000 hands) and the Citizen
School Ball Pipe along with the work of some new faces and other young artists.

Absolutely fun!
and boy! was the painter surprised when he showed up Monday morning!
and so was Lincoln Center!

and we got to stay! The painter liked the show!

and particularly the work by Michael Herman.

It was admitted that
a call should have been made to us prior to the call to the union painters

  when they received notice the show was

Ten weeks of classes led up to the Citizen
School Ball pipe arriving at Lincoln Center, unplanned!

The schools final celebration, they call a WOW week

It was Citizen School's first year for this 10 week collaboration with the community & students.

The Zimmerli Museum allowed the students to come and TALK about what they did....

but not show it!

and the next we knew it was off to Lincoln Center and after that, New Zealand!


In retrospect...Citizen School should have had their WOW week at home.


They had it all right in the palm of their hand...flying!

Thank you Citizen School for giving me a chance to give the very best...a chance of a lifetime!

J. Wray



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