Past ART at Old Bridge Library

Visual Arts League is a non-profit arts organization which posts these web pages as part of a community service to illustrate art projects that have been done and are being done at Public Libraries. If your library or you know of a library who should be featured and would like to be featured here, e mail or contact us supplying text and image and we will do it. Libraries have long been supporters of arts and here we would like to celebrate what is being done all over through the years. (see below for VAL contact info )  Art Adventures

Old Bridge Public Library, 1 Old Bridge Plaza, Old Bridge N.J. 08857

(732) 721- 5600 ext. 2313




Tihamer Binner, Somerset, NJ 

Visiting Sculpture

"The Readers"

Visual Arts League (VAL) an international non-profit charitable arts organization is sponsoring sculptor Tihamer Binner at the Old Bridge Public Library.

Tihamer's sculptures are created from PVC pipe. On his property, he has created his own outdoor and indoor museum.

More about Tihamer and his work can be seen on the Internet ValWEB site at


Joseph Durniak (16 yr. old)
Annandale NJ
Sea Serpent on Vinyl..20 feet wide.

Sea Serpent on Vinyl..20 feet wide
(worked on by Duncan, Dan Ramey & Wray

The beautiful Old Bridge Library has natural light and airy space. On this web site, some works are highlighted which have visited this space. Works by Claudia Moore and Liz Morrisey, Trenton, NJ and Judith Wray, East Brunswick, NJ.

"Little Bobby" Duncan
at the Old Bridge Public Library

"Plastique-The Ocean Show" at Old Bridge Library

Steve Getlik, Conneticuit

Liz Morrisey, New York

Judy Wray and Tyeast Price and Alex Bucchholz


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