Shalom invited me into an installation he was doing at Unique Boutique,
 a crazy big place selling clothing, what else I forget. 
Big place. 
He was doing the ceilings all throughout. 
Plastics, toys dont remember.
 I made with Laszlo help an 18 ft. fish out of a plastic laundry basket * head of fish ( and multicolored plastic bottles. 
We had a big oak tree in our backyard.
 A tall ladder..I vividly remember Laci climbing up to the top to hang the fish..
I have 1 bad photo somewhere. 
I had a pic up truck at the time. 
We drove to the local recycling center and proceeded to fill the bed of the truck. 
Nobody paying attention to this as this was taking not giving. 
When the fish was assembled we drove to NYC parked out front of Unique Boutique and brought in the BIG FISH.
It was meant to hang vertical.
 Shalom was crazy busy installing.
He immediately hauled the fish up to join the morass. 
Lost in the sea of refuse.
A  happeng.


Celeste Fleming, New Jersey


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