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If you are interested in acquiring prints of any of these Digitally created pieces, we suggest you contact the artists directly via their web pages.  

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David Camp, Wisconsin

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Headeye, (Randy Roberts), Lisbon, IA  (click to view web)

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Chuck Ferris, San Rafael, CA

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Jill Ferguson, Hatfield, Pa. Don Archer, Museum of Computer Art (MOCA), Brooklyn, NY Miriam Lozada-Jarvis, Las Cruces, NM Guadalupe Divina, Digital Art Museum (DAM)
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Ed Fillmore,

Perth Amboy, NJ

Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, NM David Ho, New York JD Jarvis, Las Cruces, NM,
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Lee Muslin,

NEXUS Gallery, New York, NY

 Ansgard Thomson, Canada  TOGO, New York, NY Sean Paul Lavine, Phoenix, AZ
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"Notions on Transience"
David Bornoff,

Los Angelos, Ca

Bruce Zeines, New York David Kevitch, Utah Doris Rowe, North Port, NY

"The Elephant Project"

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Judy Wray, Jill Ferguson, Dave Camp, Sheila Barrera, Doug (the mortician)  


Vicky Culver, Howell, NJ Old Bridge Public LibraryDoris

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Ansgard Thomson



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