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 Click here to see the Tortoise at night!

The original Tortoise design is by Little Bobby Duncan, Wall Township, NJ. It was reproduced with the artists permission by  Mark Nerys, Somerset, NJ (16 yr).

So why did we do that? Duncan is a busy guy, working all over the place doing murals. But some excellent stuff never gets seen as it is small and in his portfolio. We wanted people to have a chance to see these drawings, any way we could make it happen.

Fast Signs in East Brunswick gave us a strip of very long vinyl..20 ft long. Well, Duncan's drawing is a tortoise not a snake. We had a problem. Edith Chevalier in Old Bridge saved the day. We cut the vinyl in half and Edith sewed it together again, this time creating a piece 8' X 10'. Then as Duncan was otherwise occupied we set Mark Nerys to work reproducing the Tortoise. It is "the visiting Tortoise", easy to roll up and hang for quick   visits

 Tortoise @ Night


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