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Jane Baldridge, Wilmington, NC The computer is the only new art medium to be found in half a century. For the past seven years I have been using the computer to make art. The process of playing with many images and types of software provides an infinite number of paths to explore with ever-changing results. The artwork is created on the computer with an assemblage of collected materials, including family relics, love letters, dead roses, newspaper clippings and whatever else captures my imagination. Web Site: www.artspeaks.com/gallery3.htm

Sheila Barrera, Florida,"Artist/ Poet was born Upstate New York, 1954. She attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, graduating with a BFA in 1977.She and her husband own and manage a small motel in Florida,...." and the shadows in these images just happen to have fallen upon the walls of the motel." Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/2365/sheilashowcase.htm

Stephen Beveridge, New York  He is a member of the National Acrylic Painters Association of Great Britain and his work resides in the Abstract Art Repository. He is the recipient of an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International magazine. His articles about art and the Internet and other art topics have appeared in Art Calendar magazine and other art publications. His paintings consist of large abstract works of acrylic and collage on canvas as well as smaller works on paper. Web Site: www.scotstyle.com

David Camp, Wisconsin  I'm 50 and make my living working in the humanities department of a university library, but 3D computer art is my passion. I discovered it in1996, and drawing on a background in both art and math I took to it very quickly. I am a web artist, posting a whole new gallery of images to my web every month. Most 3D artists focus on objects, things like space ships or furnished rooms. I focus on color and texture and abstract objects, making my 3D art unique. I could be viewed as a 3D expressionist. My work is extremely varied. My eventual goal is to do surreal 3D animations. Web Site: www.esotericart.com/DavidCamp

Howard Cowdrick, Florida  I have been practicing digital art for about 5 years and belong to DiFA (Digital Fine Artists) and DiMage (Digital Image). My education is from the Dayton Art Institute, University of South Florida, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as well as ongoing education classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design as a participant in the adult education programs. My most recent digital works are involved with spiritual introspection and investigation. Elements of reflection and cultural variations of what we feel is spiritual. the mixture of elements can reflect spiritual diversity from many cultures. As with all investigations of belief it has been most revealing about myself and my inner image. Web Site: www.firebirdstudio.com

Caplyn Dor, Buffalo, NY "Beyond the intellectual grasp of the apparent, lies a world where Art and Science meet. In the search for answers, lies the creativity of self. Only by using various methods such as the digital process combined with tradition can the real depth of soul be realized". Web Site: www.buffnet.net/~cdor 

Jill Ferguson, Pennsylvania I'm a 49 year old grandmother with a lifelong inclination towards art, who has done everything from showroom sales in the NYC garment center, to exercising race horses, to driving a dump truck. I got my first computer 5 years ago, and something just "clicked"! I taught myself all aspects of computing, but the graphic art remains my first love (when I have time). After injuring my back 4 years ago, I eased my way into the website
development market, and currently do web designs and graphics for a living. Computer generated art is it's own dimension. All who enter it's realm are limited only by their imagination.
Web Site: www.geocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/6270/lair_frames.htm

Business website:  www.websitesplusdesigns.com

Judith Gaines, California Through life's trials and tribulations, I've been able to manifest my many God-given talents which include drawing with my mouse and writing poetry. With my mouse, and the flexibility of Corel Draw 8, I've created images with "feelings", some of which are being displayed here today. Without benefit of a formal education in graphic art or design, I've coined my style of drawing as "Blaphix Art", which I interpret as all Afro-centric epaint characters laughing, dancing, crying and loving. Web Site: http://members.aol.com/focus4us/GAINES.html

Susan Holland, Washington State  Digital painting reminds me of playing a musical instrument. One learns some rudiments and then plays! I mean really playing, as a child plays! You try this and try that and WOW! wondrous things happen to the basics! You improvise and find what works best for where you are going with the image--then you stop! Whether I take off from one of my traditional low-tech works or draw with the mouse from the outset, it is enormously fun and sometimes very rewarding! As with all art, sometimes the easiest things look most impressive, and sometimes the most painstaking processes appear to have been "easy." The future is full of surprises!!  Web Site: http://www.hollandart.org/NEWPAGE-5-1.htm

"In Progress", Saint Paul, Minnesota is a program designed to help young people in Minnesota develop a voice, in doing so creating a means to tell their unique stories, through the media arts. We work in the Twin Cities, Crookston, and Cass Lake to provide media arts training to approximately 100 emerging artists, primarily under the age of 22. Our belief is that given the opportunity, training, support, and mentor ship young people can gain visibility as artists in their communities. Represented in this show is digital photography work created by five of In Progress' emerging Artists. Keturah Kelley's photographs are a self portrait series, Sai Thao's work is a series about body image, Felipe Hernandez's work shows his feelings and experiences with boxing, Yodi Morris' photography pieces tell about Native American pride, and Mina Blyly-Strauss' photography works to discredit stereotypes about where she grew up.

Barbara Patera, Washington State  I have always drawn. Can not remember a time when I did not have a crayon, pencil, chalk, some thing/anything that would make a mark in my hands. So, spent my youth in a somewhat smudged condition. Am cleaner now that I’m older, but still sometimes find myself wearing paint in inappropriate places. Which brings me to computer art. Computers are definitely a nifty invention…clean and immediate. Have not used them for long, just over a year now, but love working on my pc. Web Site: http://members.tripod.com/~hollandART/BP-index.html

Venantius J. Pinto, New York/India

DIEGO MANUEL RODRIGUEZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina  Diego elevates the daily thing with a magic touch, and in which the immediate thing acquires a communicative vitality, that helps to discover the surroundings that the human lives with another glance. Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/diego282

Umashankar Sharma, India  Born in 1961, Rajasthan [India], mastered the art and technical skill of the famed Rajasthani Miniaturists without any formal training.. Umashankar’s paintings reflect the beauty & aesthetics of the rich Indian legacy. His art is rooted in tradition, but modern too, for he has innovated upon the style & Features of the basic traditional technique. To enhance the beauty & longevity of the paintings , rare pigments are used. He uses handmade squirrel brushes, hand made paper & only real gold & silver Leaves wherever required.  Web Site: http://www.galleryindia.net/gallery/html

Ansgard Thomson, Canada  As a digital artist for the last 7years I have ignored most of my past history as a traditional artist for the last 20 years. Having all the tools to make art neatly displayed in a box with a light screen showing my art while working, has captured my imagination about what I can achieve in such a short time, instead of on paper or canvas. Web Site: www.vennercs.com/users/athomson/biodata.html

Togo, New York. "..the acceptance of Digitalism as a legitimate art form has yet to find unanimous support from both the art world and the computer world. At this time, Digital Artists are uniting, supporting, showcasing and communicating amongst themselves. They are still treated as bastards of the art world, but, so were photographers in the recent past. As were the Impressionists...and Dadaists...and Surrealists...and, so forth. If history repeats itself, then, it is very likely that, some day, collectors, galleries, auction houses and museums will be clamoring over the early works of digital artists as well."

Web Sites: www.togolove.com and www.podgallery.com

Nancy Wood, San Antonio, Texas Currently teaching Electronic Media in the Visual Arts and Technology department at San Antonio College, Nancy was trained as an oil painter and sculptor but her current media for art and animations is the computer. Her favorite programs are Painter, 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave, and Bryce. Her work is included in museum, corporate, and private collections and has won several awards. Nancy was a National Merit Scholar and received her BA and M.F.A. degrees from the University of California, Los An Web Site: www.pixelpaint.com

J. Wray, Curator for "Digitalism–the New Art", New Jersey Computers have changed the way I visualize being a sculptor. After years of working in clay, and then welding and metal casting, I have stumbled into computers... to a new form of sculpture. One that feels so multi-dimensional as to be breathtaking. Works which were heavy and hard to hang and move I can move and change effortlessly, even multiply! I can go back and forth between the idea and what is being conceived, weaving the two, bringing in elements from all over, spare parts, added hands, minds, fingers from a far. This is far from a pot..far from a static sculpture. Web Site: www.valweb.org


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