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Dian Sirkin, Howell, NJ

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American Harvest

Specialty Foods "FORK"

Bob Rakita

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Ansgard's Carrots
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Drew Proctor,  (Bronze cast cantaloupe, strawberry feet, hot pepper top)
Paul Puglese
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One & Two

Mark Nerys

"The Cantaloupe Kid"

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Photoshop Experiments with Lyka's  Freezer


Grapes & Broccoli from Sheila's Kitchen

New Brunswick City Market: NEW BRUNSWICK COOKS!

   During September 19, 20 and 21, 2002, City Market presented New Brunswick’s first “New Brunswick Cooks! A celebration of the city's sizzling food and entertainment scene.” This three-day event was organized to highlight the dining and entertainment establishments in the downtown and to promote our Special Improvement District (SID) as New Jersey's premier urban venue for dining, music, entertainment, and performing arts.

    The Street Scene: The celebration spilled out onto the streets throughout the downtown during “New Brunswick Cooks!” As patrons strolled from restaurant to cabaret to club, treated to the urban energy of entertainers, magicians, artists, caricaturists, food vendors, and musicians.

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  Artists "Little Bob" Duncan and Francesca Rizzo whipped up a visual dinner during the 3 day food show. Now we would like to serve it up throughout the coming months to area restaurants.

Food for thought! Let's make next years Food show even better! Let's bring out the artists of all kinds!


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