Quietude Garden Gallery & Visual Arts League (VAL)

presents: "The HUB- With Magnetic Connections" at Quietude Garden Gallery 24 Fern Rd, East Brunswick, N J
August 8 to August 29, 1999

Click to see Hubcaps"The Hub" is a 60' long wall, with a black & white linear and circular design, covered with over one hundred painted and mixed media hubcaps from contributors all over the United States and beyond. Sheila Barrera from Florida sent the background design via E-mail. You can visit Sheila's web site in Artist A-Z.

The idea for this art work began during the preparation of a mural on the fence of the East Brunswick Foreign Auto Sales, Harts Lane, East Brunswick, NJ. During its creation artists thought of using what was on the inside side of the fence and incorporating it in the mural design. The idea took off on its own, and now there are over 170 hubcaps, as part of "The Hub" exhibition. You can scroll thru the virtual and real hubcaps by clicking here:

The "Magnetic Connections" comes from the same roots. Part of the mural is a Volkswagen cut in half. This beetle became the object of a coloring contest in which everyone won. One design was selected to be reproduced on the real Volkswagen Beetle. The designs were laminated and mounted on magnetic material to become a part of a traveling magnetic show and was exhibited on refrigerator doors when wasn't riding around on the Val Van. Here are a few of the 257 designs in the magnetic show and on the ValWEB site.

See the magnets on the refrigerators!   Click on each to see a larger view....
Click to see refrigerators with magnets show at Queitude carol1.jpg (30704 bytes) hollyvw.jpg (23252 bytes) carol2.jpg (27330 bytes) jackie2a.jpg (13877 bytes) jackie1.jpg (23987 bytes)
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The exhibition was brought to the Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center NY.

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