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Art in Indonesia APOTIK KOMIK

Samuel in Indonesia

"...I was born in Gombong, Java Island, December 22, 1970. Gombong is a small town, four hours from Yogyakarta city. Yogyakarta is an old city. Our ancient language evolved from Sanskrit. Indonesian culture is influenced by China, India, Portugal and Holland....and now, MTV! Indonesia has thousands of islands, and 200 million people in 27 provinces.

Yogyagarta is the center of cultural and art activities in Indonesia. The first Institution of art is located there and besides the traditional art heritage the growth of contemporary art is very good. There are many artists living here.

I have been studying art since 1990. I began with cartoons in high school in our local newspaper. My subject now is graphic art at the Institute of Indonesian Art. I am working at publishing an independent/underground art comic book.

I like public art because many people can appreciate it without entering a gallery space. In Indonesia, not very many people are familiar with galleries. Public art can make a direct contact between art work and people. That is why I am interested in the Visual Arts League, there is that same mission to make art closer to society.

My drawing is a direct expression of the current situation in my country. Right now, Indonesia is in a bad situation. There is a monetary crisis which has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs and living costs are rising more and more. Our government system is full of corruption and collusion, between businessmen, governemnt and army. Many people don't like this but we can't do anything because the armies use various forms of repression...(More to come later)

Street Mural

The Oil Drum Project

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