This is only the right side.  (There are 17 sections on the left not shown here.) There is a Sea Turtle by Mark Nerys still to insert. Photographing this is a challenge!
Robert Rakita  "Curtains!" J.WRAY Oliver Tang

Marlboro, NJ

Cathy Gao, China

East Brunswick

Digital Design sent via e mail by Ursula Freer, Santa Fe, New Mexico Digital Design sent via e mail by Ansgard Thomson, Canada Cathy Gao, China

East Brunswick


Robert Rakita


Chris Cornell,

East Brunswick

Original, by Nancy Speelman, Hillsbourgh

reproduced by Cathy Gao

Sea Anemone

Robert Rakita, Union

Original by J.B.Brown,


Original by

Kim Wade, Monroe

Harriet Leonard

New York


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