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In 1995 Visual Arts League (VAL)) was invited by Rob Laumbach and Scott Woska, student leaders of the Healing Arts Club (HARTS). Since then, VAL has acted as a bridge between artists and the medical school, bringing work in by professional artists, schools, and orchestrating interactive group projects.

In the student lounge and dining area of the Kessler Teaching Wing of RWJMS (photo) one of the first projects was begun at a UMDNJ function-Harmony Day. Two murals (scroll down) were created during the course of the day and worked on during the following year. They were created using the photo copying process. Employees from around the building brought in flowers from their gardens. Transparencies were made in a variety of patterns, using sunflowers, ferns, daisies, roses, wildflowers, etc. The imagery was then colored with permanent magic marker.

Students from Campbell School, a Metuchen primary school, led by their teacher, Lynn Lerner, contributed to the mural, as did teens from the adjoining University of Behavioral Health Care, Adolescent Day Treatment Program staff member, Nancy Speelman (Supervising Mental Health Specialist).

The medical school has provided an arena for artists to come together with a community of all ages and literally create together. It has also provided a creative extension for the students at the adjoining mental health clinic, to reach out in positive, far reaching projects, teaching the students ways to effectively work and play together. The students' work can be seen on the far wall in Woody's cafeteria. On these pages we will document and follow the various projects.

Projects begun at UMDNJ have gone on to Lincoln Center's Cork Gallery, NY; the Stone Museum, Jamesburg, NJ; the Atlantic City Seafood Festival;  local libraries; Newark UMDNJ; Broadway House For Continuing Care, Newark, NJ;

The Administration of UMDNJ & the medical students of HARTS
have provided an arena for creative community development.

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