We are creating with who and what is all around. There is magic in coming together!

Today we can come together like never before, experimenting and playing together, leaping boundaries of all kinds.

Clic the ball to play!
 The Ball Pipe  



 Ted, Our Plumber, Roofer, Sider and all 'round Renaissance man, from Poland- ( Who got the 2 pieces of 4 ft PVC pipe to come together. )
  Hhenry copy.gif (35225 bytes)  

  Henry, Who Drilled the holes !


  Lynn ! Who tossed 60 tennis balls into play.

Laszlo, Slicing the Balls !


Amber722.jpg (14127 bytes)
Amber Sheperd
  Esteban, who carries the Pipes

About the blue Ball Pipe , above, on the right

There are two 2 ft pieces. One goes on top of the other. The top portion will be covered with convex painted spheres. (Sliced tennis balls ).

The bottom portion will be covered with convex painted spheres. A large ball will rest in the opening at the top. That is as far as we are right now. Aside from the web pages, where all the balls will be clic-a-ble to show the faces behind the magic!

Are you far away? Do you have Photoshop capabilities? want to jump in on the Internet aspect of this ball project?

Click on the ball! Let's see what we can get bouncing around!

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