The blood red story behind the bread..


This is actually important to me..

the way that art works.

The way it does not matter 2 cents that Thoreau is dead or not.

Art lies dormant waiting to snare.

The poem by Thoreau  was on a tea box above our stove for years, till one day,

 reaching up,

 the words grabbed me by the throat.

The grants people always make me laugh and cry, they ask questions like "how

many people were affected by the artist on such and such a day, (to justify their

 giving of funding).

I remember once I was at a copying business, busily copying, and I looked out the


to the train station across the street.

There was a billboard.

Rolling Rock Beer was being advertised..

but more than that..

Jim Morrison was


Jim Morrison was dead (The Door's)

"Same as it always was" was what was


but it was not written the same as it always was,

and the whole experience was an art experience

one did not go into a museum for,

dressed, prepared, ready to be enlightened.

Art is a funny thing.

I don't like commerce, the selling of art

but I do like the way death doesn't have to stop anything.

Kind of makes life worth living.

   the actual baking of the Bread

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