Ernesto A. Amaranto MD                                        

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Ernesto Amaranto is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Medicine Dentistry-New Jersey Medical School. His interest in art dates back to high school when he was chosen as the class "artist" assigned to draw on the black board the needed illustrations of the day's biology lesson. His plans to pursue a career in art were cut short when his father decided that he should become the first physician in the family. Amaranto's interest in art was completely submerged during his medical school years. Through the encouragement of his girlfriend Marian, who is now his wife, his interest in art was rekindled and he decided to enroll in a basic art class offered privately by one of the art teachers at the new School in New York City. More significant was the influence of his cousin, Jose Trinidad, an accomplished and successful artist in Canada who challenged him to follow through with his love of art and painting. In spite of the time constraints from the demands of his work at the university and his busy private practice, Amaranto has found time to follow his first love, art. He wishes he had more time to do so.


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