Dr. Bochner is bringing together physicians who are not only skilled with their hands as surgeons, dentists and the whole gamut of doctoring, but those whose talents extend beyond the practical into the inspired realm of the visual arts. His series of shows, subtitled "An art exhibit by those who heal" have been to Lincoln Center, and yearly fill the atrium of the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, (New Brunswick N.J.) with sculptures, ceramics, paintings and photographs by both medical students and doctors. At the same time, they are providing a background for arts in other forms, bringing a vibrancy into the great expanse of sunny space, filling it with life.








"Physician's & Their Art" Show at UMDNJ, Piscataway, NJ


Dr. Bochner can be reached at:
Dr. Ron Bochner
3270 Route 27, Suite 2200
Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824 -- U.S.A.
Phone: (732) 422-8989

e-mail at:

Jan.12, 2009

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