David R. Neiblum, MD

"I grew up in an artistic family. My father, a painter who studied at Parsons, held class in the basement of our home for my brother and I.

In college, I was the political cartoonist for my school paper and contributed drawings to the art and literary magazine.

During medical school, I developed an interest in portrait photography, and spent my little free time wandering Philadelphia streets taking black and white pictures of street people and children. I also try to take pictures of the locals while on far away trips, such as in the Nepali Himalaya.

I think my photography is very much influenced by my medical training, and complimentary to it. In both pursuits I try to truly "know" the subject or patient. When a feeling of trust is established, a patient will share personal details and be more receptive to recommendations. Likewise, I find a subject who feels comfortable with me and really trusts me, will reveal himself much more to the camera; this can result in a photograph depicting not only a person, but a personality."

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