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During the reconstituting of older web pages, now that the dust of activity has had time to settle and things get remembered that may be interesting, we remembered just how and why the first blitz of a digital show even came to happen. PYGOYA! Visual Arts League sponsored a Physician's and their Art show at the Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, NY. Pygoya is a doctor. He is Rodney Chang, DDS, 8th down. He was in the Physician's show put together by Dr. Ron Bochner.

As the contract date approached for Pygoya's Digital show, it became evident that the show was not going to fly. Rather than cancel the date, we thought, maybe we could do it! and so we tried. The show came together in a rush.

Below is the invitation for a show that followed the Lincoln Center Physician's show. We will rescan the invitation to the Physician's show at the Cork.


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