Itemized Travels of Plastique-the Ocean show

*August 1994: the birth of the ocean show concept at Creative Space Place, New Brunswick It began as a 3 dimensional show of fish and blue/green colorored cellaphane, fingerpainted, undulating in waves across high aerial spaces with Judy Wray, Rosemary Shultheiss, Carol Asman, Herb Walker, May Bender and Bernie Axelrod.

*October 1994: the Ocean show is invited to the student center at The University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ. Teacher/artist Sue Schott sends three hundred little paper fishes from five schools in Burgettstown, Pa and they join the show. A sea is created in the upper aerial spaces of the Great Hall adjacent to the student center in Piscataway. Photocopied transparent fish images spill in torrents down a 100ft, glass throughway between two buildings for a year long project. Ike Davis' wire sculptures of a father and son are airborne in the Great Hall.

*October 1995, 10, 8 ft. ocean pieces go up across the street in the large windows of Saint Peter's High School, New Brunswick, N.J.

*November 16-December 30, 1995 Lincoln Center Cork Gallery: 30 ocean pieces from all over the country converge at Lincoln Center, New York for "Plastique-the Ocean Show." A single ocean piece which comes in from Sue Schott, Burgettstown, Pa. uses fish images from 400 children from five schools.

January 1996 The ocean show in plastic form, moves over to the University of Medicine and Dentistry-Robert Wood Johnson Medical Woody's cafeteria.

March, 1996: the show goes up in the atrium of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, New Brunswick. On a glass wall 60 ft high and 150 ft. Wide. This was the first project to make use of the beautiful glass wall. Fifty more children create fish images on two 8 ft. pieces produced at the hospital during the month long show.

April, 1996: the Ocean Show returns to Creative Space Place, New Brunswick, NJ.

May, 1996, "Dinner and an Art Show". The ocean show flows into local businesses in East Brunswick, one piece per business as a fund raiser and art influx. A drawing is held at each participating business for dinner at Cutters and the Trattoria Moderna. The show raises $1000.

June 1996: the ocean show goes to the New Jersey Seafood Festival at Atlantic City for the weekend in an outdoor show with sailing ships from all over.

An off shoot to the show. New Jersey artist, Christopher MacKinnon creates two boxes to contain all the fish images in small form which have multiplied with the aid of a photo copier. The boxes have traveled to schools in Alaska, Summit and Pittsburgh, Pa.

July 1997: The ocean show splits up and three of the children's pieces visit Play House 22 in East Brunswick, NJ.

September 1997, The Ocean show visits the East Brunswick Library for the month. It gets covered by TKR channel 8, "The Arts".

October, 1997 The ocean show goes to the Saint Bartholomew School in Chicago, Illinois, and stays for a few months displayed all over the school. During this time the children create the Saint Bartholomew School of fish to represent their school.

This turns out to be an idea which takes a lot of turns. The parents and teachers liked the fish images. About thirty little fish wriggled their way back to Visual Arts League, where we promptly put them up on the Internet for the whole world to see. Then we did Photoshop experiments on each of them.

June 1997: The ocean show goes to the Old Bridge Library for the summer and spans a 100 ft. wide glass wall.

September 1997: The ocean show goes to the Milltown Municipal building for the month.

June 1997 The Ocean Show returns to the Atlantic City SeaFood Festival.

More fish are created and a piece is assembled to join with the rest of the show.

December 1997, the ocean show rose again at Creative Space Place for the last time..

March, 1998, the ocean show makes an appearance at a cub scout dinner in Milltown, NJ

April, 1998 A piece has been created at McKinley School, New Brunswick by Ester Schossberg's class and can be seen on the web site.

May 8, 1998, Bernard Axelrod's ocean piece leaves for Japan as part of a gift exchange implemented by Katherine Josten's Global Art Project. It goes to"Your English School" in Japan, where it is never heard from again!

May 18, 1998, The entire ocean show visited Broadway House, Newark, NJ.

The pieces were all over the aerial spaces for a year. Broadway House is an AIDS Hospice.

June, 1999 Joseph Durniak created a 20 ft. Sea Serpent on heavy vinyl


A Death of Eleven Pieces

Broadway House, Newark, NJ

A New Direction and a chance to rise from the ashes!

The 300 ft wide wall in the woods of East Brunswick breathes new life into the dieing spirit of the show.

Plastique-The Ocean Show @ Barnes & Noble, June. 2007

Plastique-The Ocean Show @ UMDNJ, Piscataway, NJ July 2007 ---

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