Virtual Mike


artside72dpi.jpg (60203 bytes)Pipe Dreams? (Photoshop!)

Creating The ARTYARD Oct. 2001
Flowers  Little Bobby Duncan

New Zealand Pipes Make a Stand

Allenvale School Plastic Piping Sculpture, Tony King & Students

 Kindred Spirit-Elena PattersonTannersville, NY
"The Visiting Tortoise" Another Roadside Drive-By ARTYARD Show, 2003


VAL's 1st Summer Artist Residency

The Naked Fence (Scroll down)

The Drawing (Keep Scrolling down) By my son Alan when he was a teen

Now put them all together! (Scroll down!)

and now??

click the house to ENTER !

WAZZUP @ The ArtYard?

Virtual Mike Steps Out

 Inside the Virtual House

(Click on the Little House by his foot, 3 X)


Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada

 Ansgard comes to sit by the fire...

putting on tea! (be patient!)

(Tea Service provided by

Dale Copeland, New Zealand)

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