New video on Youtube of old stuff. The Ocean Show goes to the Sea...The Atlantic Seafood Festival

good things can take some time to wine and cheese, patience, persistence. Just moving fish around and making waves!

History Homework

Plastique-the Ocean Show - Rolls on out of UMDNJ Oct. 2008

The Concept for the Original Ocean Show, 1995

Index of places visited (including the Atlantic City Seafood Festival, 1997 & '98

  Plastique, The Ocean show - thumbnail images - click for larger image - a little more info & possibly artists website

Slide Show

Pano-Ocean Mural

The Artists

The Alchemy of Mixing Pixels With Concrete

Now, Rebecca's Ocean Painting

Off the Wall

Plastique-the Ocean show at Barnes & Noble, June, 2007


There were a number of different projects instigated by Visual Arts League at the Stone Museum.   

It began with the Hub Cap Wall. 2000

Followed by the

Flying Beetle (Volkswagen) 1998

and then came an influx of Fish Bricks the summer of 2004

surrounding a mirror pond 

Kathy, visiting from Venezuela

What's Art at the Stone Museum?

Below, we are trying to illustrate the progressive history.

    Plastique, The Ocean Show

Above, the small mirror pond where the fish bricks have migrated.

A closer overall view of the pond surrounded by fish bricks, March 14th, 2006

How the hubcaps get up there- Vladimir

May 17th, 2004 (Click here for close up of the fish bricks)

The Ocean show & the Saga of the Fish Bricks (a tributary).

 The May 13th, 2004 newspaper story related to the fish brick move

The Allenvale Plastic Fantastic Sculpture in Left Field.

The Seven New Zealand Plastic Sculptures come to their home away from home,

The Stone Museum


Maxine Gantois, Savignon, France

 The CD Pipe Sculpture from France Rises at the Stone Museum


The Ocean Mural on the 300 ft wide concrete wall on Dutch Rd. East Brunswick, NJ 2001-2004 ?


The Swim Club Story-the beginning,


2001   Little Bob Duncan's "Flying Fish" Summer, 2003


1.Random Fish Bricks & Girl Scout Troops # 537, 832, 76, 375, 1170

Mr. T. Children's Theatre Fish Bricks

Oklahoma Fish Bricks

Background History


Oh no! there's more!

Because of Japanese artist, Seiji Ueoka,  the New Jersey fish bricks appeared  on the side of a building in Ginza, Japan the first week of July, 2002

( like what is seen on the walls of buildings in times Square, New York City.)

At Seiji's invitation, Judy e mailed the attached images of the bricks and they were projected along with a selection of Digital imagery from artists / members of Seiji Ueoka's R2001 group.

There were 250 bricks cemented to the concrete wall, framing each 4' X 8' ocean mural.

Plastique - the Ocean Show Sinks!

Send a Virtual Fish ANYWAY!

 Judy Wray, East Bruns. Little Bob Duncan Robert Rakita, Union, NJ Chris Cornell, East Bruns. Oliver Tang
Mark Nerys, Somerset  Glenn Buchholtz, East Bruns.  Rebecca Buchholtz,

East Bruns. 

Cathy Gao, East Bruns.

Sentinel June 10th, 2004

Broadway House for Continuing Care! The Ocean Show Sinks!


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